Going Green 2

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day it seems only fitting that we should talk about all things green. First of all, I heard that “green is the new pink,” which is kind of sad. I like pink as just pink.

I think of all iconic pink things turning green and I don’t think pigs are going to go for it. It might make pork count as a vegetable, which would make chronic carnivores happy. But then we’d have to come up with another other white meat.

I guess green as the new pink is all part of the whole ‘gender neutral’ thing going on. No one is supposed to be categorized as men, women, boys or girls anymore. If you’ve ever looked at an issue of Muscle & Fitness you would see just how much men and women are morphing into one.

I volunteer in my son’s classroom and one day the teacher left the room and asked me to take charge for a few minutes. Forgetting for a moment the generation I live in, I made the mistake of starting out an announcement with, “Boys and girls.”

When I finished, a smallish female being tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’re not supposed to call us boys and girls. You’re supposed to call us ‘students’ or ‘friends.’”

When I asked why, young Billery replied, “Because if you say ‘boys and girls’ or ‘girls and boys’ then one gender is placed before the other indicating inequality. Whereas, calling us ‘students’ or ‘friends’ refers to us all as equals.”

Hoping to show I was smarter than a fifth grader I responded, “But you are boys and girls. You are, in fact, genetically different.”

“Yes, but we’re not supposed to know that.”

Our tax dollars at work.

The good thing about this time of year is that M&Ms come in packs of all green. I was told in junior high that green M&Ms were supposed to make you the ‘h’ word. If that’s true, then I bet ol’ St. Patty beats out his rival St. Valentine on chocolate sales.

Of course, the real meaning of “going green” is about recycling. I thought I was such a good citizen by rescuing soup cans and sour cream containers from the trash and saving them to recycle. As Americans, we flatten our cereal boxes and smash down milk jugs and think we’re saving the planet one blue bin by the side of the road at a time.

But, my sister lives in Germany and I can tell you, we would be considered lima bean to their kelly as far as green goes.

She has eight different categories of materials she has to divide her trash into. Whatever doesn’t fit into those categories she puts into the actual garbage. Then she has to load up her set of recycle bins and garbage and deliver them to a sort station. After her recyclables are accounted for, her garbage is weighed and she is charged by the pound to have it disposed of.

Apparently, after Hitler went out of power the lingering Nazi party members were put over the recycling program.

No, we can’t compete with that, but I think as a country we are doing a lot better than we used to. I think the biggest indicator that our society’s commitment to recycling is alive and well is displayed in the windows of Rue 21. I thought the wardrobe for Girls Just Wanna Have Fun would never come back.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Reply Nikki Mar 17,2011 9:39 am

    Kari you make my day everytime I read your blog!

  2. Reply MaRae Mar 23,2011 5:17 am

    Too funny! It’s a leetle beet far fetched as far as our German recycling program goes, but this is the honest truth. My friend told me she has a German neighbor who has to share recycle bins with four other families. Apparently, they all had a ‘meeting’ in which they informed her that she is ‘producing too much garbage’ compared to them, and that she needs to consume less, so they have more room in the bins for their stuff. Ah, the Germans! Just like one day I was out driving after a wind storm. I learned early on that Germans are very clean, even with their sidewalks and especially their gutters. They don’t like dirty gutters for whatever reason. Anyway, as I was driving, I saw a man outside vacuuming his sidewalk and gutters with his upright vacuum, and I realized I really wasn’t in Kansas anymore!

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