The Land of Lincoln 2

I was driving out in the county and I passed by this house. I made a really bad U-turn and stopped in front of it because I had a total deja vu moment.

For some reason I was a giant and could pick up whole logs with my fingers and place them on top of each other to build this house.

Then it dawned on me – Lincoln Logs! This house is a life-sized Lincoln Log house!

I love it!

It is proof that we are still kids at heart. As a child, the builder of this house probably spent hours and hours on the floor with a Lincoln Log set spread out around him thinking, “Someday I’m going to build a real house out of Lincoln Logs and live in it with my family!”

And he did!

It’s simple, timeless and homey. Just a few things that would complete my vision are a herd of plastic cows in the pasture out back, a few weeble wobble kids playing in the yard and a Barbie swimming pool.

I am puzzled how I have managed to shop at Home Depot numerous times and somehow missed the aisle of gigantic canisters that contain all the materials to build a house!

2 thoughts on “The Land of Lincoln

  1. Reply MaRae Mar 23,2011 5:23 am

    That’s probably his dream home! Whatever happened to Jason’s idea of Tuffsheds? One day, I’d love to see the whole Tuffsheds-as-a-house-and-additions concept take off! Easy, affordable, and right in line with that guy who feels most at home in his garage! Love your stuff, K, keep it up!

  2. Reply gry na komorke Mar 31,2011 12:32 am

    Absorbing post. Thanks and looking forward to more.

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