Happy Birthday Flu You! 2

We had a quarterly family birthday party the other night because our family has multiplied and replenished so profusely that we have to celebrate in bulk.

We had four birthdays, three kinds of ice cream, two cakes . . . and one candle.

That’s right – to celebrate a collective age of 98 years my mother placed one candle in the far corner of a cake and said, “Okay, let’s party!”

“Uhh, Mom? Are you low on candles or something?”

“No,” she said casually as she prepared to light the lone candle.

“Well, why don’t we get a little crazy then and pull out a few more of those funky fire sticks to spread across these delicious looking cakes.”

“We can’t. It’s flu season.”


“Yes, I thought it would be smart if we just have one candle in the corner and have the birthday people blow lightly so they don’t spread germs over the whole cake.”

No one knew what to say. It’s lame, but true so how can you argue with it?

Every party has a pooper.

We sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday and then watched as our birthday babies huffed and puffed and cautiously blew like the Big Bad Wussies.

Don’t worry, though. After we ate safe cake we germaphobes let loose and lathered up with antibacterial gel for a wild game of Twister!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Flu You!

  1. Reply Tanna Tittle Mar 22,2011 11:41 pm

    Ha! I’m just sorry I was lazily sitting on the couch when the candle blowing took place! Bummer.

  2. Reply MaRae Mar 23,2011 5:05 am

    Love it! That has Moom written all over it! You should’ve just frosted the suckers with antibacterial gel and lit the whole dang thing on fire! Keep it up!
    Love ya, Rae

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