Totally Tangled 7

“This is the story of how I died.”

What a killer first line.

Author Richard Peck once said, “The first line of a story has to reach out and grab you by the throat,” and that one does. Especially because we’re not expecting to be introduced to the story of a sweet new Disney princess with a line like that.

The tale of Tangled only gets better from there – the characters, the one-liners (“You broke my smolder!”), the humor, the animation, the imagery (the lantern scene was dreamy), the pace, etc. etc! I was completely entranced throughout.

For the first time in a long time I left the theater not completely ticked that I paid a ridiculous price to eat acid-covered popcorn and freeze my buns off while sitting next to teenage text addicts.

I mean, who could not love a movie about a princess who has a super do that possesses all the age defying powers of lasers, lipo, implants, Botox and Miss Clairol combined? Can you blame Mother Gothel? Wouldn’t we all like to kidnap her and lock her up for personal use?

The best part is the ending. After all, this movie is all about the hair – long, blond and full of body and shine despite being dragged for miles through the dirt. Rapunzel’s hair not only adds to her allure, but comes in very handy for many uses such as swinging, climbing, healing and as a light source, weapon and tool.

All this just gives more fuel for the fire of those who say, “Blonds have more fun.” It’s undeniable that beautiful blond Rapunzel has some awesome adventures and lassos the heart of the leading man with her golden tresses.

But Tangled ends with a twist. Just when every female in the room is making plans to stop at the beauty supply store on the way home for bleach and extensions, the unthinkable happens – Eugene hacks off her ravishing ropes with a single swipe just as he’s about to give up the ghost.

What a shock! How will she save him? How will she prove she’s the princess? Who will want to date her now? How will the Disney marketing team ever be able to sell a princess Barbie with short dark hair?

But, like all princess tales, it ends happily ever after and this is why – because while blonds may have more fun,  it’s a brunette with a power cut who closes the deal securing the kingdom and the guy.

Eat your heart out Gwyneth!

7 thoughts on “Totally Tangled

  1. Reply Jana Apr 7,2011 1:36 pm

    Ha Ha! Great synopsis! I love it too and we’ve watched it a ton already. It’s one the boys can even feel okay watching because of all the action and male characters. I’m sure that was no mistake by Disney to reel in as many followers as possible.

  2. Reply Todd Apr 7,2011 3:16 pm

    Thanks for ruining it for me Kari! I must say though, that it was a fun read. Keep up the entertainment!

  3. Reply Wesley Apr 7,2011 8:10 pm

    Much better movie wrap up then the other movie guy. Keep them coming and lets get rid of him. And what a great movie.

  4. Reply Madi Rich Apr 8,2011 9:30 am

    New favorite movie!! 😀

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  6. Reply Crystal Apr 10,2011 10:37 pm

    For a mother of a 13 year old boy, my life has long since past the days of Disney and Princesses. Now, it is sports, sweat, hormones, homework and prying the phone out of his hands and the headphones out of his ears. So this weekend I am having a girls night out with myself and watching a little “Tangled”. Thanks for the review. Go Brunettes!

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