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One of the best 30 minute episodes of comedy ever to grace the television screen is the Everybody Loves Raymond PMS episode.

In fact, Patricia Heaton won an Emmy that year for her role as Deborah Barone. She said in the commentary on that episode that when she was nominated the network sent the PMS episode as the sample of her work for the Academy to review for award consideration.

The best scene is when Ray is trying to confront Deborah about her mood swings and offer her some over-the-counter remedies he bought to help with her symptoms.

She’s angry, then she’s laughing, then she’s crying, then she shoves Ray against the wall, then she hugs Ray, then she chucks the medicine at him.

It’s so realistic it’s painful, and hilarious.

For some reason, our current weather patterns reminded me of that scene.

Rain. Snow. Sunshine. Cloudy. Hail. Drizzle. Wind. Sunshine. Snow. Cloudy. Rain.

And that’s all in one day!

My friend put it best when she said, “This weather is menopausal.”

No wonder we’ve titled it Mother Nature.

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    I must comment. It’s time. SHAVE!

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