Hairy Kari 2

Dress boots are the best invention since sliced bread. With the excuse of staying warm you can zip up a classy pair of leather knee-lengths to go with your dress or skirt and go without shaving your legs an entire winter and still be a regular church-goer.

But, one must be cautious using this trick. If you’re not careful you’ll pull on your first pair of capris for spring and be so used to the fur coat on your legs that you’ll forget it’s even there and go out in public.

Then when you’re back home your husband might see your exposed gams propped up on the desk while you’re working at the computer and say something rude like, “Did you actually go out like that today?”

And you might be offended by this question at first because you don’t know what he is referring to because, like I said, you’ve become accustomed to your woolly ways and forgotten that you are not European and therefore it is not acceptable to be nappy in public.

Then after sorting out the misunderstanding, you will realize just how long your leg hair has gotten, maybe the longest it’s ever gotten because it’s been a very long winter and it’s so nice not to have to shave your legs and your husband is patient and kind and rarely points out your faults unless he thinks it would be an embarrassing reflection on him in public.

So even though he is mostly patient and kind he might say, “They’re like man legs.”

But you would argue that they were hardly as bad as man legs – that one very very long winter can hardly compete with testosterone and hair growth that began 25 years ago during puberty.

Then you might compare legs with your husband and even take a disgusting picture and post it in your blog and leave it up to your followers to decide.

2 thoughts on “Hairy Kari

  1. Reply Tanna Tittle Apr 20,2011 8:51 pm

    I must comment. I am siding with Jason. It’s time. SHAVE!

  2. Reply Haunani Thunell Apr 20,2011 9:50 pm

    ew!…hilariously funny, but EW!

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