My Ken, Now and Then – Happy Birthday! 2

In case you missed the big day, Barbie’s famous beau turned 50 years old on March 11th.

He’s held his age well – thanks to a lot of plastic.

His look has definitely evolved over the years.

He’s gone from looking like a scared little boy in 1962, to a pretty girl 2010.

I think they’ve gone a little overboard with the guy-liner. Either that, or in order to save money during the recession they just recycled Barbie’s face mold and topped it with a dude’s do.

I love the 1972 Ken. I had a serious crush on Leif Garrett as a kid and Mod Hair Ken takes me back.

The 1991 Totally Hair Ken is a riot! What they’re missing though is Mullet Cut Ken to honor the unforgettable 1980s signature cut.

Instead they went with Dream Date Ken 1982, which is my personal favorite. I think I’m drawn to him because I’m pretty sure I married him (with a slight nod to Totally Hair Ken, see below).

This photo was taken on our wedding day in 1992. He beats out Ken though because he’s all man, no plastic.

The words of a song sung by Streisand in Funny Girl rang all too true for us, “To tell the truth, it hurt my pride. The groom was prettier than the bride.”

I’ll never know how I managed to snag him. I am certainly no Barbie.







And here he is now. It’s his birthday today – He’s 41 years old.

Time has seasoned him with a little salt and pepper and rugged edge.

Take that Ken! You could never pull off that hat, and only real flesh and bones can fill out a pair of Wranglers.

Happy Birthday Cowboy Ken!

2 thoughts on “My Ken, Now and Then – Happy Birthday!

  1. Reply Dad "J" Apr 26,2011 7:47 am

    Happy Birthday, Son-in-law! Keep havin’ ’em—birthdays, that is. The alternative ain’t too good! And I love the hat. Gives you that distinguished, middle-age rough-out look, which is my kind of man (Forget Ken, even if he is 50 years old. He should have died long ago!). The hat reminds me a lot of a “Man From Snowy” hat that I got about the time you got snagged by Kari. Still have it and love it, but I think it’s shrunk to where I can’t wear it much any more. Your mother-in-law said the hat hasn’t shrunk. Said it had something to do with my head. What does she know about nothin’—except everything?!
    Love Ya!

  2. Reply MendonMom Apr 26,2011 10:04 am

    You definitely have the best Ken!!! Happy Birthday Cowboy Ken!

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