Back to Back and Valley to Valley 2

This is the stack of books on my night stand.

Ok, it’s not, but it could be. There are just too many great books and not enough time to read them all!

It’s actually a 15-foot sculpture on display in the BYU Art Museum as part of an exhibition on the expression of language.







What might look like an empty room of black carpet is actually millions of alphabet noodles spray-painted black and spread across the floor.







Go figure. I’m pretty artsy and litsy and even I thought this was a head-scratcher.

It is titled “Void.” I would have titled it “Avoid.”









Yes, I jumped valleys earlier this week and headed south to soak up some sun and art for a day.

I don’t mind ZoobieLand – I have some roots there and I like the energy of Utah Valley. There’s a lot going on and it is definitely an over-achiever haven. Busy is busier, cheerful is cheek-cramping and high-maintenance is off the charts!

How could you help but want to laser every square inch of your body after passing about 150 billboards advertising body zapping of some form or another?

I enjoyed my day trip. I saw some killer art in the Springville Art Museum.

Man, those Russians knew how to push the paint around! If you’ve never been, it’s a must see collection.

The Carl Bloch Exhibit at the BYU Art Museum is spectacular. The art and the way they displayed it was breath-taking. He was truly a Master.

Hobnobbing the high brow valley sights made me feel all hyper-cultured – like I could almost fit in UV now with my bigger brain full of intellectual stimuli and deep thoughts.






But as I hopped from valley to valley back home my brain cell count down-shifted back to normal and I felt more and more comfortable with my simpler self and less inclined to liposuck something.

As I turned that final corner of the canyon that opens up to the valley like a present, I took a deep cleansing breath and was glad to be back home.

Home to a place where you can still cut your kids’ hair using a bowl. Home to where some people think Carl Bloch is part of the Peanuts gang. Home to where my friend is all excited because she finally got the internet and now she’ll be able to follow my blog, whatever that is.

Yes, maybe that drive through Sardine is a trek back in time a few years, but I love it that way.

(Note: Cache Valley could use a Cafe Zupa’s though. We ate lunch there – gourmet soups, salads, panini, chocolate-covered strawberries, assorted brownie bars . . . Yum! Someone buy a franchise PLEASE!)

Cache Valley may be more behind, but that’s only because we’ve chosen not to laser it off.

2 thoughts on “Back to Back and Valley to Valley

  1. Reply Amy weiland Apr 29,2011 9:31 pm

    Hahaha! Amen sistah. My family lives down in the uc and everytime I visit, the lipo and laser billboards make me so grateful I have someplace else to call home. 🙂

  2. Reply Tanna Tittle May 2,2011 9:09 pm

    I have to agree that Zupa’s is the best eatery on the planet. Before one made its way to Davis County, I made Matt drive me to Draper for date night just so I could eat there. We spent more in gas than we ever did on the menu!

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