Hats Off to the Royal Wedding!

Cheerio, good mates! Yes, I spent the weekend as an honorary Brit. I watched hours of recorded royal wedding footage (on turbo-speed when necessary) and googled post-event highlights.

It truly was a gorgeous wedding, and Kate’s dress was a knockout – elegant, but understated. I think the whole event was climactic enough that the people of Great Britain completely forgot that their ostentatious monarchy spent $40 million on a wedding while they continue to sludge through a tanking economy.

The bride was beautiful, the presentation and pageantry were spectacular, and the queen even cracked a semi-smile to match her cheery yellow ensemble.

But, I must say, my favorite part was the HAT display!

When did we as American women decide to ditch the hat? I don’t mean the baseball and soldier caps we slap on now-a-days to cover up bad hair days. I mean those big fancy numbers topped with feathers, flowers, fowl and perhaps even a nest full of eggs.

It probably happened in the 1960s. Elegance was downgraded because such things were considered confining and part of a social expectation that stifled the American feminist free spirit. Women pulled off their pantyhose, burned their bras and handed their hats over to the Salvation Army in the name of liberation.

Except for the pantyhose, it’s a shame. Seeing the royal guest list promenade their handsome headwear made me wish I could walk down Fifth Avenue on the arm of Fred Astaire wearing a wide-brimmed beauty.

The British, well known for stoicism, embrace confinement and still herald the hat – and I say Right-o!

Perhaps the reason they don’t show emotion is because they let their hats do the talking.

For example, Princess Beatrice’s ‘bow-dacious’ hat choice says, “I know the bride is going to look gorgeous and her marriage to the heir of the throne plummets me further down the royal totem pole, so I’ll wear a hat that will at least rival the bride in attention through controversy.”

A modern royal beheading of sorts.

A woman after my own heart.

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