Doll Brawl

With all the hype about the news of Osama bin laden’s death, another important story has been woefully pushed aside.

In case you hadn’t heard, MGA Entertainment won a multi-million dollar law suit against Mattel in a cosmetic bloodbath over who owned the copyright to the Bratz doll line.

As it turns out, Bratz was the first fashion doll to rival Barbie in her 50-year reign as queen of unrealistic beauty and anatomical proportion.

Barbie was Mattel’s billion-dollar baby and was not about to let new-kid-on-the-block MGA’s Bratz bump and grind onto the scene without a cat fight.

I can just imagine the ugly courtroom scene between the dolls:

Barbie: “Ms. Bratz, you are pretty in your own way, but little girls need positive role models.”

Bratz: “Step off, blondie. You had yo time, but it’s ova. There’s a new girl in town!”

Barbie: “Well, I never! How dare you speak to me that way?”

Bratz: “Ain’t you neva heard trash talk, girl? Well you betta get used to it, cuz that’s where yo gonna be soon!”

Barbie: (gasp)Oh! I don’t usually talk this way, but I just have to say it. You’re such a  . . . BRATZ!”

Bratz: “That’s my name, girlfriend. Don’t wear it out. See you on the rack – the sale rack that is! Talk to the hand. I’m outie.”

Barbie: “Don’t you dare walk away from me! My daddy’s company is bigger than your daddy’s company and you’re going down!”

Bratz: “You want a piece o’ me? Bring it!”

Then they engage in a slap fight until the guards pull them apart.

After a two-week deliberation, the jury awarded MGA copyright, and monopolizing Mattel got their hand slapped for bullying the start-up company.

As for the dolls,  I hope they both indulge in some “me time” at the spa to recover.

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