Snuggle Buddy 3

Did you know if you wear your bathrobe backward you can save yourself the price of a Snuggie? Not to mention the embarrassment of actually taking one up to the check-out counter.

Up until now, I’ve had no interest in having a Snuggie because I have a snuggler.

Ever since my son was a baby he has been my little snuggle buddy. Even now at 11-years-old he still likes to snuggle. (Shhh, don’t tell his friends or he’ll get embarrassed and stop.)

But after tomorrow, things will change. 🙁

Every weekday morning I get up at 6:10 and wake up my girls to get ready to catch the early high school bus. Then I hurry and get back in bed because I will soon have a visitor. For years now, every weekday morning my cute son shuffles into my room with his floppy bedhead and sleepily says, “Hi Mommy,” then climbs into bed with me to snuggle for 25 wonderful minutes.

For those 25 minutes he’s my baby, no matter how old or big he’s getting. He’s warm and little and sweet.

We snuggle and snooze and savor those quiet minutes before we finally have to get up to eat and help get the girls off to school before starting his ritual to get on the elementary school bus.

Those 25 minutes are some of my favorite minutes of the day, but tomorrow is his last day of elementary school so our window of snuggle time will close.

He only comes in for snuggles on weekdays during the school year because the noise of his sisters getting ready wakes him up early, but he doesn’t have to get ready yet so he comes to snuggle away the extra time with me.

On Saturdays he sleeps in then gets up to watch cartoons. On Sunday we all have to get up at the same time to get ready for church. And in the summer any kind of schedule is defunct.

Next year he starts middle school. He’ll have to get up and get ready to catch the early bus with his sisters, so this is the end of our precious snuggle time.

The past few months I have snuggled him tighter on those mornings. I don’t go back to sleep. I lay there with him in my arms and try to stop time somehow from taking my little boy away from me.

The other day, when it was time for us to get up I said to him, “I can’t let you grow up, bud. I’ll miss our morning snuggles too much. What am I going to do?”

His sleepy eyes opened and blinked a few times as he thought for minute.

Then he said matter-of-factly, “I guess you’ll just have to snuggle Dad.”

3 thoughts on “Snuggle Buddy

  1. Reply Madi Rich Jun 1,2011 5:59 pm

    He’s a cutey. 🙂

  2. Reply Amy weiland Jun 4,2011 9:04 am

    I have one of those too!! We only get 15 minutes, but there is nothing like it in the world!! Best time of the day!!

  3. Reply SPF Jun 21,2011 12:11 pm

    This made my eyes spill over! Such a cute dude! I have a 6 yo boy that does the same thing and I realized that I will be in the same boat sooner than I want to be…they grow so quickly. Thank you for reminding me how precious they are. I love your blog. Keep it up!

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