Sign of the Times 2

I stood on the porch of my friend’s house admiring her quaint “Welcome” sign.

What a friendly neighborly way to invite people into her home, I thought to myself.

I reached out to touch the sign and was surprised to find that it was not fixed in place, but spun around to reveal another message – one not so friendly or neighborly, but awesome!



I fell in love with this sign!

Depending on the day, your mood, or who might be on their way over you could flip the sign to reflect the atmosphere of your abode at the time.

I want one! I’m going to get one!

Except, the people I sometimes want to go away live inside my house.

2 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. Reply Jana Jun 15,2011 9:08 pm

    I need one of those for my bedroom and bathroom :0)

  2. Reply Amy Weiland Jun 16,2011 8:29 pm

    hahahhahahahhahaha!! I love that!!! I may have to make one for my front door!! I have one that says, “Be Nice or Go Away” and I enjoy displaying it. Love it!!

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