If you want to get people’s attention in an advertising campaign, the three most effective images to use are a baby, a puppy, or sex.

This is what I learned in History of Advertising 340 in college.

That is why you’ll often see an ad for something like office supplies and wonder why a baby is holding a stapler.

When an advertising team is all out of clever ideas to market something, they fall back on the human appetite for the cute or the carnal.

Or, if you want to think outside the box you can go for shock factor.

I think that’s what they’re going with for those creepy “stop smoking” ads with the hollow, gray-faced, chain-smoking hag with the hole in her throat.

I know I was shocked when I accidentally tripped over this creature who was meant to market the message of the desperate need to recycle.

We were at a community fair walking through the commercial booths and I was fumbling through my purse and not paying attention when Roger Recycle’s plastic boot tripped me.

In my distraction I thought I had tripped over a real person and said, “Excuse me, I’m so sorry!” Then I looked up and saw that I was talking to a corpse made out of garbage and it freaked me out for a second since at first glance he looks a little like an exhibit from Body Worlds.

The granola chick sitting in the booth laughed.

Once my pulse returned to normal I laughed too.

I had to give her props for not resorting to a puppy or a baby to get people’s attention about recycling.

However, I did notice Roger was naked.

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