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Earlier this summer they announced on the news that the oldest living person is coming up on her 115th birthday.

When asked what she attributed her long life to she replied, “I mind my own business and I don’t eat junk food.”

Since I stick my nose in everyone’s business and will stick about anything in my mouth I’ll probably be lucky to live to get my senior discount then.

Therefore I must celebrate whatever other 100s come my way, one of which happens to be today.

On this historic date I proudly announce . . . (drum roll)

My 100th Blog Entry!

Woo hoo! (party hats, noise-makers, streamers!!)

I can hardly believe it was just four short months ago I was an obscure nobody, and now I am an obscure nobody who blogs.

My niece asked me yesterday how I come up with something to write about every day. I told her that fortunately for me I have plenty of individual idiosyncrasies, nutty neighbors, funny friends, radical relatives, cooky community members and psychotic society around me to keep the creative cogs well greased.

So, on this special day of celebration, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has allowed me to write at their expense.

You’re the reason I am where I am today – social Cyberia.

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