“The Friend” or Foe 1

When my daughter Ivy was eleven years old I wrote a story about her experience participating in our elementary school’s annual 5th grade race.

It’s a sweet little story that teaches a valuable lesson about goal-setting.

I thought it turned out well, so I decided to submit it to the LDS church’s children’s magazine, The Friend.

Before submitted it I read it to my family. Ivy was excited about the prospect of being the star of a published story.

I told her not to get her hopes up too high because I didn’t know if it would be accepted for publication, but I was glad I had written it down for her and posterity at least.

I submitted it, but anyone who knows about the publishing biz knows that the process of submission to acceptance to publication is majorly slow-mo.

Several months later  we found out the story had been accepted for publication. Ivy was twelve now and we were pumped! However, there was a catch – it wouldn’t come out until a year later in the August 2011 issue. Ivy said she didn’t care that she had to wait a year, she was just so happy it was going to be published.

So for a year now we have anxiously waited, and waited, and waited.

In the meantime, my sweet little star grew five inches, three shoe sizes and became a teenager.

Finally, August 2011 came.

A Faithful Finish in all its published and illustrated glory appeared on page eight of the August 2011 issue of The Friend.

After a total of a year and a half of waiting, I proudly showed it to Ivy.

She looked at it.

She read it.

She freaked.

“You used my real name? Mom, why did you use my real name? How embarrassing! People are going to know it’s me! What were you thinking? Now I’m going to look all lame, like I’m a big loser!”

I reminded her that when she was eleven and I wrote the story using her real name she was excited.

I reminded her that when she was twelve and the story was accepted for publication using her real name she was elated.

“Duh, Mom. That’s when I was a kid.” She closed the magazine and chucked it on the table.

I sing with Tevya –

Sunrise, sunset.

Sunrise, sunset.

Swiftly fly the years.

One season following another.

Laden with happiness and tears.


*If you want to read the story about She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named click here.

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  1. Reply Tanna Tittle Aug 8,2011 8:54 pm

    Tell Ivy she should be super proud! We were so impressed that we used the story for our FHE lesson, and then I read it to one of my classes at LDSBC for our opening devotional and everyone loved it! One of my students from Africa was so impressed with the message it taught that he included his gratitude for it in the opening prayer after I read the story to the class. How can she be a star if no one knows her name? WE LOVE YOU, IVY! Embrace the fame! 🙂

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