Free Fame 2

Seeing your own words published is gratifying.

Why do you think blogging is so huge?

We all want to make our mark on the world, even if it is scratched into the side of a public bathroom stall.

While attending a media group conference recently a presenter showed us the results of a survey we participated in about the motives behind why we submit our writing for publication. We were supposed to check all answers that applied. 79% said it was because of our pure love of writing. 64% said it was to try and make a difference and bring important issues to light. Only 22% said it was in hopes of receiving payment and/or employment for their writing skills.

The presenter summarized with, “We were so glad to see these results. It’s good to know most writers find that the exposure they get for their writing is payment enough.”

Poor misguided souls we are.

A grown man who couldn’t name all five vowels in the English language, but who can catch a ball in the end zone then dances around like an idiot demands millions of dollars and even goes on strike to demand more moolah for his pony tricks, yet as educated accomplished writers we meekly say, “It was an honor just to be published.”

I confess. I was one of the 22%.

I do LOVE to write and it IS an honor to be published, so think me greedy if you must, but words are my craft, my product, my mad skills. Wordsmithing is all I’ve got and is it such a crime to want a few minor ducats tossed my way for it on occasion?

Even Wal Mart greeters get paid!

I think as writers we need to be more bold like Cuba and say, “Show me the money!”

Here’s a link to an article I got published online yesterday, for free of course.

I think I’ll start deducting them as donations on my taxes.

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  1. Reply Tiffany Harding Aug 19,2011 8:18 am

    Wow, Kari, I loved your article about No. Ogden memories! I get nostalgic, too, whenever I drive through it to Moom and Dad’s house. It was a great place to grow up!

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