Empty Happiness

This vacant unvacuumed nook may not look like much, but it brings me much happiness.

It is the spot where a pile of responsibility used to sit.

There were stacks of papers, patterns, to-do lists, fabric, bank statements, stamps, phone lists, sign-up sheets and notes.

For the past year I have been the president of the Patchwork Friends Quilt Guild.

Despite what you might be thinking, it’s not just a bunch of dried up old hags hunched over a quilt frame talking about hip replacements and Medicaid loop holes.

We can get pretty rowdy sometimes. I mean, there is fabric involved.

I love my quilt guild. I have been a proud member for 8 years.

I learn things. I make things. I make friends.

Being president hasn’t been bad, and I am happy to take my turn since I have benefited from the time and effort of previous presidents. It just feels liberating to pass the buck and the piles onto someone else.

Because my braincell count is especially low in the summer, it’s taken me until now to get everything organized, reconciled and ready to pass on to the next president just in time for the new guild year.

But finally, the other day I gathered the items that have filled my life, my brain, and my nook for the past year and took the final walk of my reign across my friend’s front porch. I rang the doorbell and when the beautiful Holly answered the door I officially crowned her the new Queen of Quilt Guild. It was a lovely ceremony – both of us crying for different reasons.

Holly will be fabulous!

As for me, I gladly return to life as a pauper.

I will vacuum the nook and enjoy its emptiness for as long as I can because I’m sure it will fill up with something else much too soon.

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