Mom vs. Mud

Much of my role as a mother/homemaker is cleaning, and much of what I clean up is dirt in its various forms – one of which being mud. No matter how much I sweep, wipe, mop, dust and scrub there is always going to be more dirt/mud than I can ever keep up with.

For that reason, you would think the idea of running, wading, crawling and rolling around in mud would be repulsive to me.

But on Saturday I decided, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”

I joined a group of friends in hot pink t-shirts as team “Hot Mess” and participated in Cache Valley’s Man vs. Mud 5k.

It was a riot!

There were prizes for the best team costumes and people came up with some doozies. My personal favorite was the team wearing pig noses and capes with whitey tighties over unitards.

Of course, the race had nothing to do with speed. It was all about gettin’ down and dirty as you made your way down slip-and-slides, over plastic blow-ups, through mud puddles and ponds, over hay bales and under culverts.

At one point we were trudging in a 4-foot-deep canal of mud, muck and who knows what else. The race took place at a farm and the smell suggested the mud included plenty of organic fertilizer. As one girl climbed out with mud slathered across her face she said, “I can officially say I ate sh** today!”

While wading armpit deep, we passed a group of people frantically diving and digging in the mud and asked what they doing. “We’re looking for my wedding ring,” a panicked newlywed-looking bride responded. We helped look for a minute out of compassion, but I’m pretty sure she was toast. I hope her husband is a good sport.













My family stood on the sidelines and cheered me on as I crossed the finish line army crawling under ropes through a mud puddle. This time it was fun for me to be the one all covered in mud chasing my kids for hugs and having them say, “Eww, don’t touch me! You’re all dirty!”

The best part was that I got to muck it up then walk away from the mess. The reason it’s fun to get dirty as a kid is because you usually don’t have to deal with the after mess, which is why mud is usually not very fun for moms because we do.

This time I got to be the kid – play in the mud, have all the fun then get hosed down by a fireman and go home leaving the mess behind for someone else to clean up.

I’m not even going to bother trying to get the stains out of my “Hot Mess” outfit. I’ll throw it in the wash and whatever residue is left behind I’ll wear as a badge of honor while I clean my house to remind me of the day me and mud were on the same team.




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