The Gumball Gourmet

Just when I thought I was going to starve because I went into town to do errands before having lunch, I happened upon this bubble gum machine at the dollar store.

How very cultured of Honk’s to offer gourmet flavored gumballs to its patrons instead of just plain old cherry or grape.

Not wanting to miss the opportunity to pamper my palette, I scrounged around in my purse and found a quarter.

I rubbed the coin between my fingers and wondered which gourmet gumball flavor I would get.

Would it be the miso-glazed sea bass with asparagus or couscous and zucchini raita? Oh, but then there’s always panzanella caprese or onion anchovy galette. Could I get that lucky?

I wonder if the yellow one is lemon sabayon with grapefruit or picadillo arepa pie? But I suppose it’s not good to spoil my appetite by eating dessert first.

I put in my money and turned the handle. While I awaited my flavorful fate I sat on the floor and daintily placed a Wendy’s napkin I found in my purse across my lap.

No sooner had I finished rubbing my hands with anti-bacterial gel than a light green gumball rolled out the trap door. I caught it and popped it into my mouth.

I knew the taste immediately – rava dosas with potato chickpea masala.

Mmmm . . . my favorite.

Bon appetit!


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