Heaps of Trouble 1

Why do the female sports commentators on the field always ask coaches the dumbest questions?

“Coach, you had three turnovers in the first quarter. What happened?”

“Well, we dropped the ball.”

“Thanks coach. Back to you, Bob.”

or –

“How disappointing is this huge loss to your arch rival, coach?”

“It is very disappointing.”

“Thanks coach. Back to you, Bob.”

And they gave her a degree in communications?

Personally, I think field commentators should walk up and down the sidelines asking the athletes basic academic questions about grammar, math and current events like on Jay Leno. Now that would be entertaining.

If I were a commentator on the field of the BYU game on Saturday night I would have asked the coach, “Ere you left you left your room this morning, did you you think to pray?”

However, not even a prayer from the highest paid LDS Church employee could have saved the Cougars from the blue bloodbath administered by the Utes on Saturday night.

The hard truth is Heaps has been overrated. While still riding the wave of Jimmer mania, BYU fans were a little too anxious to believe they had the football equivalent in Heaps. Well, they got jilted not Jimmered on Saturday.

The season is young, but #1 national recruit Heaps better start bringing the heat or brushing up on his ballroom dance skills if he wants to be on a winning team at the Y.

The good news is, it’s making the Aggie season look more and more interesting.

I wish I could be a commentator when the Cougars come to play against the True Blue in a couple of weeks. I would sidle up next to Riley Nelson on the bench and ask, “So Riley, are you sorry you ditched the Aggies to play second fiddle to a heap o’ hype?”

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  1. Reply Heaps Sep 20,2011 12:15 pm

    Heaps of Trouble,
    Your very funny.
    I have Heaps in my name and your comments were right to the point.
    Good Job
    “Ere you left you left your room this morning, did you you think to pray?” ???
    Still funny.

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