Duck Season

Once again, I’m behind the times.

Silly me, I thought duct/duck tape was for utility purposes, such as taping a vacuum hose back together or holding up a broken truck tailgate.

I had no idea that duct tape had come out of the garage and made its way into fashion, furniture, accessories, etc. until just last week.

My daughter brought home a flyer outlining activities for homecoming week. Each day had a different theme and one of the days was “Duct Tape Day.”

Based on my knowledge of duct tape uses in high school, which involved some form of torture, I couldn’t believe the school would actually sanction it. When I was in high school, duct tape days were when jocks sneaked duct tape into school in order to grab geeks and adhere appendages and/or personages together.

After a huge sigh of disgust from my daughter because I was unhip to the duct tape rage, she googled a bunch of images to show me.


Shoes, clothes, wallets, flowers, prom dresses, purses, full suits, hats, crafts and furniture all made from duct tape which is now available in various funky colors and patterns.

And here I thought my dad was so creative when he uses duct tape to attach a flashlight to the lawnmower handle so he can mow after dark.

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