True Celebrity 2

General Conference weekend. What could be better than sitting around in your pajamas eating junk food while watching church on TV?

Though it is all wonderfully inspiring and just guilt-provoking enough to spur me back into action on neglected self improvement, one talk particularly piqued my interest given by Elaine S. Dalton, the Young Women General President.

We’re best friends.

OK, I met her once. But after spending only a few minutes with this vivacious and gracious woman you feel like BFFs.

Luck is usually not my friend, but on a Sunday afternoon in the Bob Hope airport in Glendale California, luck decided to shine down upon me when I noticed Sister Dalton seated a few rows away waiting for the same flight to Salt Lake City.

Jason said it wasn’t her.

I said it most definitely was her.

He said even if it was her I shouldn’t bug her.

I said, “Yea right,” and went over and sat next to her.

She is even more lovely in real life than she is on TV.

“Aren’t you Sister Dalton?” I confirmed.

“Yes! I’m so glad you came over to see me!”

I threw Jason a smug look.

She had been in L.A. for the weekend for a multi-stake event called “Run for Virtue” which included a 5K run around the Rose Bowl stadium and a conference that included a surprise address and performance by David Archuleta.

Sister Dalton is a marathon runner and you would never know she is 65 years old by the pace she keeps on and off the track. She laced up her tenny runners and sported a hot pink tee along with the girls to run around the stadium. I bet she even screamed along with the girls when Archy serenaded them.

I tried not to wear out my welcome, but after we chatted a bit I asked if she would mind posing for a quick phone pic so I could brag about meeting one of my heroes and a true celebrity rather than someone who made the cover of Star magazine for breaking parole again.

“Of course,” she said, “As long as you promise me you’ll Photoshop my hair because I’m wind blown from the ride to the airport in a convertible.”

Not only is she amazing, she’s real.

“You bet. Anything special you’d like me to do with it?”

“Just make me fabulous!”

There’s nothing Photoshop could do more.

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  1. Reply Michelle Oct 3,2011 9:44 pm

    Love it!

  2. Reply Louise Hurd Oct 10,2011 2:41 pm

    She looks fabulous at 65 and you are so cool to be so outgoing. Good for you!

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