OK, I’m ready to talk about it, I think.

I’ve had a week to morn and I’ve been through “The Five Stages of Grief:”

1. Denial – I’m not really a True Aggie anyway. The guy who kissed me had a girlfriend so I think that makes it invalid.

2. Anger – Why didn’t I choose to attend a different university when I had the chance? Freakin’ scholarship!

3. Bargaining – Wanna trade degrees? Avalon Beauty School was my second choice anyway.

4. Depression – I feel so blue. Deeply blue. Aggie blue.

5. Acceptance – I am a loser. I have always been a loser and I will always be a loser, and that’s OK.

The worst part is it was our traitor, Riley Nelson, who helped the Cougars pull it out in the end. Just when I wanted Bronco to stay in denial that Heaps is all he’s touted to be, he goes all rational and puts in Riley the USU Ringer!

I think Samson’s rebellious hair length shows there is still some Aggie in him. If I spin it in my brain I can rationalize that it took an Aggie to get the Cougars a win. I believe where you go first is where your heart truly is.

Once an Aggie, always an Aggie, unfortunately.

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