Quilt Custody 1

Isn’t this quilt beautiful?

I helped make it, sort of.

I can only take a little credit because all I did was add some pieces to finish off the ends then add the borders, back and binding.

It was actually pieced together by the grandmother of a friend of mine from the fabric of dresses, aprons and blouses from the 1940s. It’s been sitting in a cedar chest for years just waiting to be finished and loved.

My friend managed to snag it because her daughter is the namesake of the grandmother who made it. Now that great-granddaughter is getting married and my friend asked me if I would help finish it in time for her wedding.

Of course I would! I love my friend and her daughter, and I love quilts, and I love weddings so it was a win, win, win!

Except for the part that after I finished the quilt I had to give it back. I got all attached to it while I was working on it. The vintage fabrics kept telling me their stories.

My sister and I used to dress up in our grandma’s aprons that were made out of fabrics like those in the quilt. I saw us clomping around her old house wearing her pumps, lipstick and those aprons pretending to host parties.

When I showed the quilt to my mother she gasped and said, “I can see the dresses my mother wore in those fabrics. She taught me how to sew.”

When I showed it to my mother-in-law she got all teary and could barely speak about how much those fabrics reminded her of her mother.

When I showed it to my quilt guild the women oooed and ahhed and blurted out stories about their mothers and grandmothers wearing clothes made out of those fabrics.

That’s one of the reasons I love quilts and fabric. They have stories woven and stitched into them. I hope the quilts I make will tell stories someday.

I did give the quilt back so the bride can have it to show at her wedding.

But I am suing for visitation rights.

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  1. Reply Linda johnson Oct 18,2011 10:20 pm

    I love that quilt. I am a quilter too, but I have traded quilting for a full time job and room for, and time with grandchildren. Just wanted you to know you touched a soft spot. What a good friend you are to finish that quilt and then give it back. I can imagine that it would be like being a surrogate mother.

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