Snow Ball

Isn’t it ironic that the same weather that was driving me crazy seven months ago feels all festive and exciting now?

The first snow of the season in Cache Valley is awesome!

My kids put on all their snow gear and went outside to play in it. They were laughing, getting along and having fun together. I almost didn’t care that they ditched their chores to do so.

With the snow frosting the trees, powdering the mountains and covering the litter at the bottom of my road it was so beautiful I wanted to be out in it, so I went running, RUNNING! That’s how festive it made me feel! I uploaded the new Christmas songs I bought on iTunes (including a few from the new Justin Bieber album, shhhhh, don’t tell!) and headed out.

I snapped this cool pic of some snowy trees at the top of my road.

As I turned in my driveway I could see my kids in the field taking turns pulling each other on a sled behind the four-wheeler, our dog having a blast chasing them, our horses running around all frisky from the change in the weather and the action.

The snowy season is here, Cache Valley, in all its fun and festive winter glory!

Enjoy it! Play it in! Have a ball in it, because in only a few short months we’ll be cursing it again!

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