Wind, Ohs! 1

These are the windows that look out of our great room. When we were planning our house I fought hard for these windows because this side of my house faces the Wellsville Mountains and I wanted to be able to look out at them everyday and enjoy their rustic splendor.

I kept telling the lady drafting our house plans, “Bigger, make them bigger!”

She couldn’t imagine why I wanted so many windows on that wall. She’d never seen our lot, so she didn’t understand. Finally, I drove her out to our piece of land right below the mountains and had her stand where those windows would be.

“Wow. Now I get it,” she said. “Yes, you need bigger.”

I love these windows – except when the wind blows.

What we didn’t know when we built our house is this side of Cache Valley is known for its Wicked Winds of the West. While we were building, several soon-to-be-neighbors told us, “Make sure you tell your contractor to do five nails per shingle on your roof instead of the standard three or you’ll constantly be replacing them.”

We sprung for the extra nails and thought we were covered.

How bad could it really be? I thought.

It can be bad.

Of course, most of the winds out here come from the south and blow straight into those honking huge windows.

You can actually see the windows bend in the strong winds. It scares me. I don’t let anyone in the great room when it’s that windy. I have nightmares of us sitting on the couch as a family watching a movie and the windows blow out and chop us to bits with glass projectiles.

So when I heard on the news that 100 mile per hour winds were coming to northern Utah, I panicked. I looked at my big windows and the 12 foot Christmas tree that now stands in front of them and thought how bad it would be if those windows blew out and took the tree out with them.

That would definitely put a damper on the holiday season for us.

But, we were spared. Whew!

For some reason the big winds fizzled out before they got to Cache Valley yesterday. I looked on the internet at photos of humongous trees pulled out of the ground smashing houses and blocking streets in Ogden and Salt Lake. I watched footage of semi trucks blowing over on the freeway and traffic signs tipping over and crashing into cars.

I went out to the great room and looked at my big windows again. I could see the shadow of the mountains behind the reflection of the Christmas tree lights. It looked like a Christmas card. Actually, it looked like a Christmas gift.

Thanks Santa.

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  1. Reply Cheryl Dec 5,2011 6:10 am

    We live in Kaysville, and just lived through those “Winds”! Our power was out for nearly four days, and church was cancelled yesterday to help with the clean-up. There are three drop-offs sites, including the land fill, for limbs and an hour wait to get in. I will never take for granted the power of wind or the power of electricity! CjR

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