Band of Oh, Brothers 1

Guys always complain that women are all about drama. Always making mountains out of molehills.

They mock us, saying we can yak for hours about nothing.

And yet . . .

There are dozens of sports channels dedicated entirely to sports talk. There are pre-game shows where commentators talk for hours about what they think is going to happen. Then they talk during the whole game about what is actually happening. And then, there’s the post game show where they talk some more about what just happened. And let us not forget, the endless interviews with coaches, managers, players, analysts, and the call-in shows where obsessed fans call in to put in their two bits about what they think should have happened.

The coverage of the NBA stand off is starting to reach Kardashian proportions, and I have heard of marriages breaking up over fantasy football.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sports fan too, I just want it acknowledged that when women squeal over a cute purse it’s no different than when guys rant over a bad call.

Speaking of drama, the BYU men’s athletics program has conjured up enough of it the past few years to beat out a full season of Dance Moms.

There’s been Jimmer mania, Davis’ indiscretion, Going Independent Day, “Out with the new, back to the old” rituals, debates over the “new blue,” uniform makeovers, Riley’s hostile takeover, and on and on. Guys gather in church hallways and at the water cooler to dish about it.

It’s awesome.

I love having ammo to shoot back at my cheeky brother-in-law when he says stuff like, “Why do chicks always have to go all ballistic over the dumbest things?” This from a man I’ve seen throw his hat and yell obscenities at a coach on the TV screen over a GAME.

The Cougar chatter these days is all about Heaps’ hissy fit. He basically said, “If you guys aren’t going to let me play what I want, then I’m not going to play with you anymore.”

Drama queen.

I guess Heaps just wasn’t feeling the love from the “Band of Brothers.” You can put on matching shirts and do the haka together, but in the end it’s just a football team like every other school. It’s every man for himself trying to get an NFL bid so he doesn’t have to actually ever use his college degree.

Maybe Notre Dame will take him. They could use some inspiration in their program these days.

He could always transfer to Utah State and take Riley’s old spot. Wouldn’t that would be a kick?

That might create enough drama to wake Shakespeare right out of his grave to become a sports writer.

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    Loved it.

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