Fire Kindled

My son has not been much of a reader.

His sisters are.

In fact, sometimes I have to take their books away so they’ll get other things done.

But getting Scott to read his required 20 minutes a day for school has been a battle.

Until, he got a Kindle Fire.

I was actually very against him getting one because I hardly wanted ANOTHER electronic thing to monitor as the techno police chief.

But he’s gotten straight A’s his first two quarters in middle school.

How could I deny him?

I relented and let him spend his grades money on a Kindle Fire. We put some heavy duty regulations on it and told him his privileges were contingent upon keeping the rules or the Kindle Fire would be toast.

Now the kid has turned into a reading maniac. He’s burning through books like a censorship society.

He said to me, “You know Mom, I don’t know if these books I’m reading are really good, or if I just really love reading on my Kindle.

My hope in children and technology use has been rekindled, a little.

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