Hope Floats

My neighbor and friend lost her 2-year-old son this week in a tragic accident.

When something horrible like this happens you want so much to ease their burden in some way – to say or do something, but everything seems insufficient.

No words or actions will ever be enough.

It seems our little community has had more than its share of tragedy in recent years. We’ve lost four children in accidents and one to cancer.

I don’t know why we’ve had to endure so much. I only know we can’t control when and where tragedy strikes.

It’s out of our hands.

But what is in our hands is the ability to help each other through these trials, and that is something this community is incredible at. I’ve been amazed by the way the community has rallied around these people in each instance.

There is only so much we can do since most of the real recovery will be very personal, but we do what we can to let them know we support them and stand ready to help in any way.

On the day the family lays their child to rest we line our small town roads with balloons in their favorite colors.

They float and sway as if to say, “We love you and we’re here for you.”

They represent hope.

The hope we have for them in the healing process, and the hope we have in this community that we will always be able to rise above whatever challenge comes.

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