Super Bow…ring 1

Pre-game: I noticed it started at 11:00 a.m. Five hours of pregame. FIVE HOURS of mind numbing predictions, projections, speculation and statistics! For those who watched it, I hope you were on the treadmill so you at least got some cardio benefits while you lost brain cells (and sluffed church).

The Game: Hopefully you had DVR too so you could fast forward and watch the last four minutes of the game when something exciting finally happened. Yea, New York Giants! I’m not really a fan, but I chose them right before the game started as the team I would cheer for. The funky referee uniforms were kinda cool. They looked like maitre d’s.

Halftime show: Madonna. Really? Sure, she’s iconic, but a serious has-been. I didn’t get the whole correlation between the Egyptian themed costumes and choreography with the songs Vogue and Just Like a Prayer. I was pleased at least her costumes were decent and she spared us from any wardrobe malfunction even though her career does need a boost.

The Commercials: Hmmm . . . so-so. A middle-aged, spare-tired Matthew Broderick going out on the town in his hybrid minivan just doesn’t have the same effect as the original Ferris Bueller. He can drive a fancy car forward or backward, but it ain’t gonna take back the mileage. As for the Samsung Mobile street party ad, I think someone needs to check the plants in the cubicles of the agency that produced that sucker because somebody is definitely pro-legalized marijuana there. The Biggest Loser VW dog was kinda cute. Toyota, Kia, and Go Daddy played to the mostly male crowd with meaningless skanky imagery, but Kia’s idea of the guy driving the car into his wife’s dream to get her back was a cool twist. I think with the vampire party Twilight spoof, everyone’s all vampired out at this point. Elton John as king? Yuck. The two-headed guy buying a car? Way weird. I did like the Bridgestone tire ads and the naked M&M. Leno beating out Seinfeld was pretty good, if a little over the top.

The Food: Popcorn and ice cream.

The Party: We were just home by ourselves on the couch watching the game on DVR like social lepers.

We may as well have been sitting on ice blocks in the Arctic Circle with the Coca Cola polar bears. At least they had some cold Cokes.

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  1. Reply Tiffany Harding Feb 27,2012 1:52 am

    I AGREE!!! SOOOO boring….ALL of it!!! The game was good, though. 😉

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