Frown that Smile Away

My youngest is in middle school now.

This is my first Valentine’s Day in eleven years without all the fun elementary school holiday fluff.

I’m going to struggle.

No more boxes of Sponge Bob, or Indiana Jones, or Disney Princess Valentines to sign for each kid in the class.

No sifting through the bag of conversation hearts to find just the right ones to put in each envelope – “Be mine” for the cute secret crush, “No way” for the weird kid who’s crushing on my kid.

No class parties where I get to wear all my favorite red clothes: red pants, red shoes, and heart t-shirt over the floral blouse. I could be Cupid’s mother.

No playing my favorite Valentine game, “Heart Attack,” where the kids try to guess who I’m describing and when they guess they yell “Heart attack!” and plaster the kid with heart stickers.

No Valentine’s “Manner’s Tea” where the kids dress in Sunday best and the boys escort the girls, pull out their chairs for them, and serve them punch and cookies. They make such sweet little ladies and gentlemen.

No more staying up until midnight the night before making the coolest Valentine’s box in the class.

The smiley face box was one of my favorites.

My sweet little boy was into collecting all things smiley face that year.

Now he’s into collecting smells.

Sigh. It just isn’t the same.

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