Easily Swayed 2

Do you know which of the Disney princes is the most popular?

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty.

Do you know why?

Because he dances.

Women are serious suckers for a man who will take a woman in his arms and spin her around the forest, dance floor, or kitchen floor, for that matter.

A lot of men have a serious aversion to dancing, which is unfortunate. They don’t realize the positive effect dancing could have on their love life. It really could have the power to wake up a Sleeping Beauty.

For this reason I stretched the parameters of my church calling as Relief Society activity leader and gave the men of my ward/community the opportunity to treat their sweethearts to a little longitudenal lovin’ on Friday night at a Valentines dance and dinner.

Just throwing a dance would have been soireé suicide. I knew if there wasn’t a hearty plate of food involved the odds of getting men to attend at all would have been greatly reduced. So I lured them with a plate of fall-apart beef, potatoes, homemade rolls and brownie sundaes. Then I slowly turned the lights down and the music up. A man with a belly full of carbs is like a duped-up bear in the zoo who will perform about any trick you want.

My ploy worked as couples pushed away from the dinner table and sauntered hand in hand into the gym that had been transformed into Hernando’s Hideaway with hanging lanterns, floating balloons, heart decorations and romantic lighting.

The dance floor filled with couples swaying to oldies but goodies, current crooners, and a few thumpin’ mega-mixes to get their meat and potatoes movin’. We had a few live performances from some fabulous home grown talent, and did song dedications to call out couples to the dance floor because, “They’re playing our song!”

It was lovely.

Very Valentiney.

My teenage daughter was helping me with the music. As she saw couples whom she’s only ever seen in sterile settings, like church and pot luck picnics, start to hold hands and sway, she said, “They all look so cute! I’m going to cry.”

It’s good for all of us to be reminded that we’re more than parents, teachers, leaders and community members. Once upon a time, we started out as sweethearts and dancing is a great way to remember that.

After a lady and her husband of 44 years finished dancing to their song Going Out of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by the Lettermen, she told me she felt the same way she did when her sweetheart gave her his Delta Phi pin at a dance in the USU ballroom during college.


Dancing can have just that kind of effect.

Of course, there is my friend who got dropped on her head by her husband during a fancy dip and ended up blacked out on the floor with her dress over her head in front of everyone. She’s vowed to never dance with him again.

Don’t overdo it, guys. It doesn’t have to be flashy.

Just take us in your arms, sway back and forth and pretend you remember what we were wearing when we first met.

We’ll be so overcome with romance we’ll almost forget you’re a big fat balding liar.

2 thoughts on “Easily Swayed

  1. Reply Tony Butala- The Lettermen Feb 17,2012 12:00 am

    Kari, I am the founder/lead singer of The Lettermen, and still performing for fifty (50) years.
    I am always “touched” when I read items — as in your column above, copied below — from members of the general public, that I may not have ever met, or that may not have even ever been to a Lettermen live concert before, make beautiful sweet statements like the one you printed in your column. (below)
    After a lady and her husband of 44 years finished dancing to their song “Going Out of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by the Lettermen, she told me “she felt the same way she did when her sweetheart gave her his Delta Phi pin at a dance in the USU ballroom during college”.
    Hearing words like these makes what we do just “that much more meaningful. Tony Butala

  2. Reply Tom Davis Feb 17,2012 9:40 am

    Kari, I think it’s pretty cool you receiving an email from Tony Butula, the owner and founder of The Lettermen.
    I heard them many times and for the lady and her husband of 44 said she fells the same…believe that is the way you feel if you hear them today. I hope you respond to him as he is one of the nice guys in the business.

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