Give Me the Boot 4

I confess.

I’m having an affair.

The moment I laid eyes on that tall, dark and handsome piece of prime retail decked out in leather, I was a goner.

Suddenly every other pair of shoes in my life meant nothing to me.

We met by chance in a quaint shop right before Christmas.

Another woman was wearing them.

I boldly asked her where she’d picked up such a gorgeous pair of boots.

She told me it was at that very shop, but it was two years ago.


I trudged out of the shop in my old worn-out boots that suddenly made my feet feel like they were trapped in a meaningless life. I stopped outside for a moment and glanced through the window to look, just once more. I saw the woman and the love of my life sauntering around the shop so comfortably. It was too much.

I walked away.

Then suddenly, out from the depths of despair I had an epiphany – eBay!

Anything and everything from anywhere can be found there!

There was still hope for us.

I stopped in my tracks and searched from my iphone right then.

Sure enough, there was one pair available online at that very moment. They were even my size – or close enough. I have some thick socks.

What a magical age we live in, I thought! Within a matter of keystrokes a girl’s dashed hopes of owning a pair of boots that were sold out two years ago can be instantly rebooted!

It was fate. I knew we were meant to be together.

Then I noticed the bidding price.


I should have known something so beautiful was out of my league.

It was true love to be sure, but the cost was just too great. I’d have to give up too much – groceries, heat, my marriage.

In a matter of hours they were gone. But I bookmarked the page with the picture of my love on it. Now we’re cyber-crossed lovers who see each other in stolen moments of web surfing.

It’s probably for the best we were kept apart.

If I’d have stepped out on my budget like that, my husband would probably have shooed me right out the door.

4 thoughts on “Give Me the Boot

  1. Reply Sandy Feb 15,2012 4:04 pm

    Hi Kari,

    I love LOVE your blog! I have restrained from commenting every day because I was afraid that you would feel cyberstalked. Today was too much! Those boots are so cute that I would consider wearing them in August with shorts! Seriously…I feel your pain sister!

  2. Reply Chris Dec 1,2013 6:45 pm

    Do you know what make and model those boots are? My wife really likes them and has been trying to find them.


    • Reply Kari Rich Dec 23,2013 1:57 am

      These “winding ruffle boots” were originally available from Anthropology, but that was a few years ago and they sold out. Since then I have seen them come available on ebay sometimes.

  3. Reply Donna Oct 8,2014 2:12 am

    I am having the same love affair with the same boots. I have actually written to other boot makers asking them to make a similar boot.

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