Thoroughly Creative Thursday 1

Yesterday was my favorite day of the school year, except for the first day of school.

I got to attend the annual Young Writers & Artists Fest with Ivy up on the USU campus. Since I’ve produced mostly humanities humans, this is the fourth time I’ve been able to attend. We still have two more years of eligibility, but I’m going to have to get Scott to draw something besides soccer balls and sword-fighting stick figures if we’re going to keep the tradition alive.

It’s an awesome event and whoever started it and whoever keeps it going should be officially knighted. Creative kids get to meet and learn from published authors and professional artists to be inspired and encouraged in their own literary and artistic pursuits. And parents get to tag along with their kids if they want.

We’ve met Brandon Mull and Obert Skye and had them sign our books. We’ve learned to draw caricatures and use detail doodle techniques. Along with the writers and artists they also bring in some great entertainment too. We’ve watched amazing magicians, jammed with great bands, and been captivated by storytellers.

I’ve done the writer classes twice and the artists classes twice now, and my only complaint is that I can’t do both every year.

Here are some highlights from this year:

Here we are in professional illustrator Shane Larsen’s class learning how to draw faces.

Faces are hard.

It’s all about spacing.

He projected a photo of Justin Bieber for us to draw from. (Qualifier: participants are middle-schoolers.)

It was hard not to make him look like a girl.

You have to go easy on the eyelashes and lips.





Here’s my rendition of “The Bieb.”

Don’t worry.

I won’t quit my day job.






Wildlife painter Kathy Ashcroft taught us a variation from the traditional color wheel. It’s called a Munsell color wheel and you’re supposed to introduce “discord” colors into your painting for contrast.

She also taught us about tree shapes.




Left to right:

1. Young artists at work.

2. Samples of the creative future.

3. Ivy, doing what comes naturally.

4. Mom, doing nature unnaturally.


Thanks, Ivy for letting me hang with you even though I embarrassed you when I quoted Despicable Me thinking I was funny in front of your friends.

Thanks organizers, sponsors, authors, artists, performers, teachers, bus drivers, custodians and anyone and everyone associated with this event.

Even an old writer and artist was inspired.

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  1. Reply Tiffany Feb 7,2013 6:49 pm

    hey, i just in to the young artist and writers fest <3
    my name is Tiffany if you see me
    i cant wait

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