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For people who feel sorry for those of us who choose to abstain from alcohol and therefore miss out on the bar scene, save your tears.

I found another bar experience that is far more satisfying and does not require a designated driver  – The SALSA BAR!

While attending my son’s gymnastics meet in Heber Valley we followed a neighborly tip and went to Tarahumara Comida Mexicana.

First, you line up at the counter and order from a delectable menu of authentic made-from-scratch entrees which you know will be delicious based on the intoxicating scents wafting from the kitchen.

As you pay, you start to salivate thinking there is no possible way you’ll be able to wait for your food to arrive. Then the server hands you your receipt and a tray with a basket of tortilla chips and says the greatest sentence ever uttered in Spanglish, “Help yourself to the salsa bar around the corner.”

Oh, oh, OH!

An array of 20 made-fresh-daily salsas with exotic combinations of mango, cilantro, tomato, jalapeno, chipotle, corn, pineapple, beans, peppers, onions, tomatillo, etc. etc!

Who knew there were so many ways to numb your tongue?

Why haven’t dentists caught onto this idea? Instead of using shots, just let your patients dip into the complimentary salsa bar in the waiting room, then drill away!

My breath was holy habanero by the time I finished testing them all, but no matter. I was sleeping away from my hubby that night anyway, so he would be safe from the fire breathing dragon.

Scott and I decided the cilantro crema was our favorite. Even after we ran out of chips we dipped our fingers in it.

As we finished licking our fingers, our entrees arrived. Pork quesadilla for Scott and a shrimp fajita for me. We doused our food with more salsas.

You would not believe how much better Spanish rice is mixed with salsa molcajete. And refried beans remixed with pic de gallo adds a unique texture and kick. When you’re stuffing a tortilla with fajita filling already, what’s a few more kinds of peppers in there? The little salsa serving cups are suspiciously similar to shot glasses and when you sling back some cilantro con jalepeno, you get a buzz that makes your eyes burn.

Hello, my name is Kari and I’m a salsaholic.

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  1. Reply Nicki Apr 24,2012 12:24 am

    This made me smile – do you remember the days sitting on my living room floor watching General Hospital eating a jar of salsa with a bag of chips after school?

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