Rainy Date 1

Do you like pina coladas?

And getting caught in the rain?

No, I don’t.

Well, I do like pina coladas (virgin, of course), but getting caught in the rain is not nearly as romantic as they make it sound in songs or look in movies.

The evening might start out all warm and springy, so you put on a flirty sun dress and some sandals for a night out on the town with your sweetie. Then, out of nowhere, a torrential downpour blows in as you’re casually strolling hand in hand down a city street, far away from your car or any open businesses. Survival instincts kick in, you drop hands and frantically start running, every man for himself, in the direction you hope your car is.

Several strides ahead of me, Jason turns his head back and yells something, “I smll fet sna kraw!”

I yell back as my saggy wet dress clings to my frozen legs, “It’s okay! Save yourself! Thanks for dinner!”

He stops and turns to me, “I said, ‘I’ll go get the car!’ Find some cover!”

My now stretched-out leather sandals are sliding all over the place as I slosh through puddles, but I’m determined because I’m delirious, “No way! I’m freezing! I’m going to run for it!”

As I run, I dig through my purse for a poncho, scarf, candy wrapper or whatever I could use as a shield. Score! I find a dollar store umbrella I’d stashed in there for just such an emergency. The second I pop it open the wind catches it and yanks it inside out. “Stupid, cheap piece of crap!” I cuss as I keep running. Jason is a dark blur ahead of me somewhere.

As I fight through the relentless squall, the words to that stupid song keep running through my head along with the ‘kissing in the rain’ scene from The Notebook and I want to puke.

I finally spot our car in the distance. My stride is weighed down by the amount of water I’ve taken on, but I finally make it – drenched, freezing, and exhausted.

Jason is standing there, waiting in the rain holding the car door open for me.

He helps me in, closes my door, then runs around the other side to get in.

“That was horrible!” He says as he starts the car and flips on the heater.

I reach over, grab his face and kiss him.

No, I still don’t like getting caught in the rain, but a small, sweet, selfless gesture in less than ideal circumstances is romance at its best.

Eat your heart our Rachel and Ryan.

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  1. Reply Jana Wangsgard Apr 30,2012 9:52 pm

    Awwww! That Jason’s a keeper!

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