There is never a dull moment in Cache Valley spring soccer concerning the weather. One minute you’re enjoying the sunshine on your face, and the next you’re pulling your shirt over your head for shelter.

As I watched my sweet little boy freezing out on the field in just his jersey and shorts as a cold rain blew in, I realized I needed to arm him better for the changes in the weather.

I noticed other boys wearing some tighty blacky type shorts under their baggy soccer shorts to subdue the cool breeziness, so I went and got Scotty a pair to try out.

The next couple of days I noticed he was wearing them all the time under his shorts. “So you’re digging those support shorts, huh, dude?”

“They’re called ‘compression’ shorts, Mom.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”

“By the way, Mom, can you get me a few more pairs? I like them because they make me run faster.”

“Really, they actually make you run faster?”

“Yea, I’m like more aerodynamic when I wear them or something.”

“Sure, dude. I’ll get you some more.” Press lips together to activate laughter compression.

Little boys are super cute.

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