Court Jester

You know how you volunteer to do something because it seems like a good idea at the time, then you get into the thick of it and wonder what in the world you were smokin’?

Well, our community’s annual Mendon “May Day” celebration is this weekend and I volunteered to teach the “May Day Queen’s Court” a song and promenade/dance they perform as part of the program.

The “court” is made up of all the juniors in high school in our community who want to participate. They wear formal clothes and are presented to the community as part of the celebration. Sort of debutante-ish, if you will.

My daughter is a junior and part of the court this year, so I wanted to get involved.

With 19 couples this year, it’s one of the largest courts this community has ever had. Teaching 38 teenagers of varying ability in singing and dancing skills with sporadic practice attendance has been a challenge, to say the least.

They are a great group of kids and have done very well considering we’ve only have four practices to pull this thing together. But they constantly talk, and flirt, and goof off, which I understand because I was once a teenager too, but now I know just how freakin’ annoying I was!

This isn’t an audition thing, it’s a community involvement thing, so I’ve got divas, monotones, ballroom bad boys, wallflowers and total un-co’s. With such a span of ability, it was hard to choose a song and choreograph a dance that would accommodate all levels of ability. I think I did okay.

I think.

Yesterday was the mandatory final dress rehearsal. We were missing 8 kids. Eight kids! The whole group has never actually performed their song and dance all together. Some of them have only been to one rehearsal, and for some of them that was yesterday’s rehearsal!

I’m not gonna lie. I’m scared for them, for me, for us!

I volunteered because I love my daughter, the youth of our community, my quaint little hometown and its traditions, and I wanted to help make this 150th anniversary year of our May Day Celebration special with a great presentation of our youth. But if my court of kids screw up and make me look like a fool, then it’s “Off with their heads!”

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