As Big as Texas

Here’s a picture of me in Texas!

OK, it’s not really me and I’m in Amarillo not Dallas, but I found this cute retro coloring book at the “Historic Route 66 Antique Mall” in Amarillo and thought it was awesome.

It’s quite a page turner for a coloring book. At one point Barbie actually gets a little dusty! Don’t worry, her blonde curls stay intact and I think the Barbie motorhome is parked nearby fully equipped with a shower after a long day workin’ the range with Cowboy Ken.

Dallas sure has changed since Barbie was there. If this coloring book were current you would see a bunch of skyscrapers on the horizon and Barbie would be riding in a lowrider truck instead of a horse.

Anyhoo, in case you don’t know where Amarillo is, just go south about 1000 miles, take a left at the prickly pear patch and then the first right after you pass a herd of armadillos.

Jason’s off playing cowboy out on the range with all his new Cowboy Artists of America brothers, while me and the other CA wives rock downtown Amarillo. You should have seen us get all rowdy in the antique stores yesterday. (I’m the youngest wife here by about ten years.)

This morning I went for a run in a neighborhood near the hotel and came across this true Texan yard.

My sister lived in Texas for a couple of years and told me, “I’ve never met a people who are so proud of where they’re from.”

It’s true, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” even state pride.

When you landscape with statehood paraphernalia, that’s serious state pride.

I mean, I’m proud to be from Utah and all, but it’s not like I’m going to put up statues of Brigham Young and his 55 wives around my yard.

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