The Clicker

Since Scott can’t run, jump, play or kick a ball around like usual, he’s developed a new way to expel his nervous energy with his mouth.

He clicks.

He clicks A LOT.

He makes all kinds of clicking noises with different patterns of clicking at different pitches and speeds.


But what can we do?

He’s twelve, he’s an active little boy, he’s laid up recovering from foot surgery and he’s bored, so it keeps him occupied on some level.

Jason and I try to be patient about it since we’re parents who feel sorry for our son’s plight, but his sisters are not so sympathetic. They have issued threats and organized plots to do away with the boy.

I’ll try to protect him as best I can, but if the situation worsens I might just have ship him off to South Africa and hide him among natives who speak the clicking language of Xhosa until he can walk again.

I think he’ll fit in okay.

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