College Night

At my family reunion I was talking to my cousin who came from out-of-state with his wife and three little kids to attend. By the last day they were all looking pretty haggard.

We were talking about how it’s fun to see everyone, but camping with little kids is hard because they don’t sleep very well and with late nights, treats, and stimulus overload they get all grouchy and out of whack. Then it takes a while to get them back to sleeping and eating normal once you get home.

He was lamenting that his wife was actually going out of town right after they got home too, so he’d have to deal with the aftermath of this trip by himself with the kids.

He said, “It’s all good though. When Dad’s in charge we do what I call ‘College Night.’ We eat pizza for dinner then sleep in our clothes wherever we want.”

Now I know how this cousin got through medical school.

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