A Hole in Our Plans

We’re in Jackson Hole!

Fun in the sun for a few days with the fam and some friends.

We kicked off our trip with a bike ride, of course.

We had just ventured out into the beautiful landscape beneath the breathtaking Teton Mountains feeling all outdoorsy and recreational, when my friend got a flat tire.

Talk about a buzz kill.

We spent our first morning on vacation on the side of the road fixing a hole in a bike tire in Jackson Hole.

Then after driving two hours with the kids cramped in our truck to a bike trail in Yellowstone that goes up to a geyser named Lone Star, the lock on our bikes was jammed and wouldn’t open with the key that has NEVER given us any trouble before.

We tried EVERYTHING—a bobby pin, a nail file, a hammer, a rock, voodoo chants, and lots of cussing. Every kid and adult tried the key hoping someone was the pure vessel with the magic touch to get it open.

None of us were pure enough. Maybe it was the cussing.

This luck better not last our Hole vacation.

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