It was evening, but it was still VERY HOT as we walked up and down the sidewalks of downtown Logan for their annual sidewalk sale last night.

Luckily, some of the stores had those cool misting machines out to take the edge off.

I like the sidewalk sale because there is nothing more satisfying than finding a killer deal on a clearance table. Last year I found some sandals that have become permanent fixtures on my feet in the summer and are responsible for the dorky tan lines my kids constantly mock.

My friend found a men’s full velvet suit for $10 last year. Talk about a find! Oh, the skits I could make up with that baby.

But you don’t always make a score. Sometimes you walk and sift and dig all for not.

That’s how it was this year. I just wasn’t my usual sidewalker deal-scoring self last night.

Maybe it was the sweltering heat. Or maybe it was that I had two little boys with me either begging me to buy them something stupid they’d found, or pulling on my arm saying “Let’s go already!” just when I was on the trail of something good.

Even though they hardly deserved it, I took the boys for pizza afterward just so I could sit in an air conditioned building, I was so sapped by the heat!

When we got home my nephew puked up his pizza.

No, the sidewalk wasn’t good to me this year. I’ll just have to look at my dorky tan lines and think back on better days.

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