Party Dip

Remember how my fam is prone to occasion clumping? Well, between July 13-15 there are four birthdays to celebrate, so Sunday night we got together to party hardy.

One of the birthdays was my dad’s and since his cat and dog both croaked of old age recently, I decided to replenish his pet supply and hope in life with a new cat. He grew up on a farm and likes to have an animal or two to fuss over, even though it rocks Mom’s neat freak ways.

While I would gladly have donated one of our four cats to the cause I knew my kids would rebuff, so I adopted one at PetSmart for Dad. There were lots to choose from, even a hairless cat. Have you ever seen one?

Way creepy.

Luckily my parents aren’t allergic and I didn’t want to remind Dad of his own balding issues as he ages, so I opted for a furry friend. I chose the friendliest cat in the bunch since Dad’s last cat, Lucy, was the meanest feline since those sinister Siamese sisters Si and Am made their debut on Lady and the Tramp.

Dad and his new silver lynx named Rosie formed an instant bond and Mom instantly started pricing out the cost for declawing procedures.

After a delicious dinner of BBQ chicken and birthday cake it was time for Mandatory Family Fun. Having just returned from Girls Camp, all the teenage girls in our family had a fresh supply of cheesy games for us to look stupid doing.

We played a game called “Dip,” and that is exactly what you feel like when you play it, yet it’s surprisingly fun and addictive.

Here’s how you play:

Stand in a circle. One person starts the game by putting both hands flat together and pointing at three different people while saying, “Dip, dip, dip.” The last person to be pointed at puts their hands together and points at three different people while saying “Dip, dip, dip.” Meanwhile, the people on either side of the “Dip” face that person, flap their arms with a hip boogie and say, “Dippity, dippity, dip.” Option: The Dip can, on the third “dip,” point their hands over their head and spin around once while saying, “Hoochie mama, Hoochie mama.” When the Dip does this everyone else has to follow suit and “Hoochie mama” with them. Then the Dip resumes triple dipping and the game continues. If anyone misses their “dip” cue, their “dippity, dippity, dips” or the “hoochie mama,” they’re out.

We’re easily entertained in our family.

I made it to the final four once.

Dad was particularly fond of doing the “Hoochie mama” part. I think it made him feel young.

Rosie hid under the couch and watched suspiciously, probably wishing she were back in PetSmart on death row.

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