Umm . . . I don’t think being rebellious, defiant, and disrespectful to your parents should be categorized as “Brave.”

Yea, the supposed heroine of the story, Princess Merida, is good with a bow and arrow, but using her mad archery skills to upstage a bunch of doofy suitors and embarrass her parents hardly makes her brave.

Actually, a more fitting title for Disney’s new animation flick would be How to Train Your Mother Bear since this story feels like the lovechild of two other popular animated movies from recent years.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie, especially The Hair. The fiery red locks were gorgeous, the animation was killer, the mischievous triplets were hilarious. But is anyone else tired of the current trend in movies, TV shows, and media outlets in general where the kids know better than their parents, teachers, and any other adult in a guardian and/or authoritative role?

Parents are constantly being portrayed as overbearing, obnoxiously traditional, or unreasonably out-of-touch, and that’s when they’re not shown as completely dysfunctional. Yes, the world seems to be spinning at an increasingly nauseating pace and my kids know how to use my iPhone better than I do, but having lived on planet Earth for twenty to thirty-something years longer, successfully surviving the Madonna era through puberty, and keeping three beings I birthed clothed, fed, and safe for the duration of their existence so far qualifies me for their respect.

Not all of us kidnap our babies and raise them in an isolated tower to selfishly hoard the magical properties of their hair to avoid having to do Botox. If my kids discovered the arch nemeses of our existence were harmless creatures that could be converted into personal aviation vehicles, I’m pretty sure I would hear them out. And I am definitely against corsets and arranged marriages, but there is nothing wrong with learning some social grace, upholding tradition, and brushing your hair occasionally.

Like any mother not on meth, Queen Elinor loves her daughter and only wants what’s best for Merida. Her parenting style hardly warranted Merida throwing a witch’s brew into the mix which takes the story on an odd and suspiciously familiar plot twist.

Yes, mothers can be overBEARing at times, but it’s PAWsible that we do have the best interest of our children in mind and would prefer to work through issues with our children while in human form.

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