Badgered! 1

It’s not a skunk living in our barn, it’s a BADGER!

Don’t believe those cutesy illustrations of them in children’s books all fluffy and nice.

They’re MEAN!
They have BIG CLAWS!
They have SHARP FANGS!

Jason is supposed to leave for scout camp today, but I told him there is NO WAY he is going anywhere until the barn has been de-beasted.

You’re not funny Patches!

One comment on “Badgered!

  1. Reply CjR Aug 4,2012 10:23 am

    Kari–Your uncles (maybe even your dad) brought me home a baby badger for a ‘pet’. I named him “Groucho”, because of his grouchy personality (or lack of). I got up in the middle night and fed it on a baby bottle. My dad made him a little red harness so we could catch him, and I have several scars on my arms to prove that it is possible to catch a badger. His first home was a half buried milk can, and he wintered under the grainery–which tilted when the ground thawed from all of the tunnels Groucho had dug during the winter. He ran off in the spring to find a girlfriend, but I saw him by the side of the road and called his name and he came towards me, but not close enough to pet! Some pet . . .

    Most little sisters get goldfish from their brothers–but not me, I got a badger!

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