Floaties 2

My seventeen-year-old daughter is a lifeguard and swim instructor at the Logan Aquatics Center this summer.

It’s Madi’s first “real” job and she loves it. It’s been so great for her, and me.

I love when my children learn life skills and responsibility from someone else.

She’s been teaching the Level 1 swim class this session so she has a bunch of rowdy little 6 and 7 year-olds. She says they’re super fun and cute, but tricky to work with sometimes.

Some of them are scared of the water.

Some of them are not scared enough of the water.

The other day as Madi was demonstrating how to do a stroke with her students, a little boy who was struggling to get it was lamenting about how Teacher makes it look so easy.

Madi was encouraging him that he could do it too, but he was not convinced.

He explained, “The reason why Teacher can swim so good all by herself is because she has those two big floaty things attached inside her swimsuit. Look, all the girl teachers have them!”

Yes, there are lots of lessons to be learned at the pool besides just swimming.

2 thoughts on “Floaties

  1. Reply Nikki Aug 7,2012 11:50 am

    🙂 This made my day! Love you Madi!

  2. Reply Tiffany Harding Aug 20,2012 12:29 am

    Haha! 😉 She didn’t get that trait from her Aunt Woof.

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