Miserly Size 1

Upon first glance, this granola bar looks like a sizable and satisfying snack.

Opening the wrapper reveals that the term “bar” is far too generous.

With everyone home all day during the summer it seems like we’re going through groceries like termites.

It’s tricky to find that balance between healthy and affordable snacks that will also make a dent in bottomless juvenile appetites.

My children would gladly exist on hot dogs and Otter Pops, but in effort to avoid becoming part of the grotesque child obesity stats I hear on the news, I’m trying to promote healthy eating habits.

Before I saw the serving size, I bought these granola bars because they were organic, low in sugar, there were eight in the box compared to only six like other products, and they were fairly reasonably priced for health food.

Scott ate the whole box in one sitting.

I don’t think we’re receiving the benefits of this snack on any level.

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  1. Reply Nichole Aug 17,2012 6:51 pm

    Remember me? Devin wife- anyways, now that we have officially met, I feel like I can blog comment without being the weird stalker inlaw realitive 🙂 anyways, as usual this was hilarious and so relatable. Love reading your posts!

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