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Four years ago my best friend since childhood gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who has down syndrome.

I was excited for her new arrival, but I admit I didn’t know what to say to her that would be appropriate for the situation.

Should I say, “Congratulations” or “I’m sorry?”

I didn’t know.

Neither did she.

We discussed this.

Like any new mother, my friend wanted to be congratulated for bringing a new life into the world, but well wishes that were expressed as if nothing was different about this baby seemed to disregard the difficult challenges that lay ahead in raising a child with special needs.

On the other hand, expressions of apology or regret seemed to belittle the fact that children with special needs are precious and have so much to offer in love and learning.

It’s quite a pickle.

We messed around with words and expression combinations, but none of them seemed quite right. Then we remembered the perfect word for when you don’t know what to say had already been invented, “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

Mary Poppins saves the day again.

I truly believe children with special needs are sent to the best families because God knows they can be trusted with their care.

My friend’s family is true proof of that. They have wholeheartedly accepted this challenge and work continuously to educate themselves about how to best care for sweet little Bridger and give him every opportunity for the highest quality of life possible.

As I watch my friend and her family in their tireless efforts, I often find myself in the same situation as when Bridger was born of knowing how to show appropriate love and support.

Well, there is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way and it’s called “Bridger’s Brigade.”

Being the awesome, informed, involved parent of a special needs child, my friend is part of the Utah Down Syndrome Foundation. She informed me of the “Annual Buddy Walk and 5k Run” which helps support local down syndrome programs and services. This year’s event is on September 15th at Mountain View Park in Farr West.

I’m in.

You can be too.

You can walk, run, or just donate to the cause.

Register HERE. Donate HERE.
Register by September 5th to be guaranteed a lunch and a shirt in your size with “Team Bridger” printed on the back.

Help me help “Team Bridger” rock the walk!

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  1. Reply Jana Wangsgard Aug 26,2012 10:41 pm

    Awww thanks, Kar!! Bridger sends a big bear hug your way 🙂 We’re excited to see you at the celebration!

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