Heartbreak Start

It’s football season!

Gimme a Y! Gimme an A! Gimme a Y!
What’s that spell?

I LOVE football season!

With the Olympics over there has been nothing to watch on TV while I fold clothes. I’ve been so desperate I started recording cheesy Disney Channel sit-coms and even caught myself laughing!

It’s definitely time for some helmet bashing.

I went to my first football game of the season on Friday night: Mountain Crest vs. Lone Peak.

Holy cow, Lone Peak has a ginormous team! They had twice as many players on the sidelines as we did and we were the home team! I didn’t check the parking lot to see how many buses they had, but it had to be at least three. When they play at home are there any teenage boys left in the stands?

I sat next to a friend whose son is on the MC team and she told me that Lone Peak won the 5A state championship last season. It’s an open enrollment school so they have the whole “recruiting” thing going on, which I think is ridiculous for high school sports. Play for the community that brung ya!

It was a perfect night for a football game and it was a super fun atmosphere even though the game was a bit of a snoozer at first. It was all DEFENSE! Clap clap. DEFENSE! Clap clap, the entire first half with zero points on the board. But the cheerleaders did some cool stunts and their matching hairdos were cute. The squad is almost as big as Lone Star’s football team. Was it try-outs or sign-ups this year?

The half time show was put on by a couple local dance/cheer clubs. What’s cuter than watching preschoolers wear makeup and bump n’ grind in sparkly spandex?

The second half got exciting as both teams finally started putting points on the board—Lone Star mostly, unfortunately. We were playing well, but we kept getting slammed with penalties up the wazoo. Points were being taken off the board as fast as we were putting them on—nine total. We were down by 13 points going into the fourth quarter, 7-20.

Then we rallied, 14-20.

Then we were winning, 21-20!

Then it sucked.

Ahead by one point, there was one second left on the clock after a controversial call.

Then the Lone Peak kicker, who is probably from Dingle Idaho, booted a whooping 46-yard field goal to win it.

Complete bummer.

I blame myself.

I jinxed us.

Right before the kick, I said jokingly to Jason, “Let’s hope Mountain Crest doesn’t have Aggie luck.”

Way bad juju.

I’m soooooo sorry Mustangs!

But, hopefully you found comfort in the arms of a consoling cheerleader after the game. There were certainly enough of them to go around.

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